Physical Therapy

Recovery from an accident or illness that disables your immediate bodily function can be frustrating. It impairs you to connect with your family in a physical manner.

Sheme Home Health Care Agency is specialized in Physical Therapy and has well-experienced physical Therapists that will guide you in your utmost recovery.

Our Physical Therapists have helped so many clients over the years. We can assure you of the security and comfort Sheme Home Health Care can give at the comfort of your own home.

Let us help you find your way back into your loved one's embrace.

Physical Therapy helps patients:

  • regain functional mobility
  • increase strength
  • improve range of motion

Our Physical Therapists provide specialized treatment as prescribed by the physician. The services can include, but not limited to:

  1. Therapeutic exercises related to a specific loss of function.
  2. Utilization of adaptive equipment & aid in rehabilitation.

Give us a call to know more about our efficient Physical Therapy programs - (703) 278-0081.