Welcome to Sheme Home Health Care Agency
Sheme Home Health Care Agency is a home health care agency in Fairfax, Virginia that is quality-centered and has a dedication to provide comprehensive quality in-home care services in the comfort and privacy of the patient's home. We take pride in our team approach which involves the participation of staff members, the patient, the physician and the support of the family members. With this, we enable patients to enjoy their care treatment and answer their needs at the right time and level of care.

Because our patients prefer to stay at home, we know that we offer the advantage compared to institutionalized facilities such as a hospital or a nursing home. Home Health Care services are also cost-effective alternatives that we offer to our clients. We bring the same quality care and attention they need right in their own homes.


Mission Statement
Sheme Home Health Care is dedicated to providing quality personal care in each client's home ensuring comfort, dignity, excellence, justice, compassion and with respect of all our multicultural clients and their families.

We have a dedicated team of health care professionals who are backed by experience and education. As a care provider, we consider it our duty to make sure that the staff we employ share our care philosophy and have reliable backgrounds. This is an assurance of the safety and well-being of our patients. You are like a family to us - we protect your well-being.

Would you like to experience the Sheme Home Health Care difference? Call us today at (703) 278-0081.